We are used to technology clawing its way into every area of our lives, manipulating and altering how we use our phones, TV’s, tablets etc. The uptake of these technological advancements in the automobile world has been ever present, but it’s only now where these advancements are beginning to change how we drive. This blog provides a list on some of more helpful technological additions available on new cars like 2017 subaru forester now.

Run flat tires

Ever been late for a date or important meeting because of a flat tire? Maybe you have experienced the terror of changing a tire on the hard shoulder during a dark, rainy night?

A flat tire can be one of the most frustrating and annoying curses while driving. Unfortunately it has probably happened to every driver at one time or another. Enter run flat tires – eliminating the problem of the dreaded flat tire. Run flat tires are already in use by some of the leading manufacturers including BMW, when a puncture occurs then run flat tire can still operate at reduced speeds for a certain length. The speeds and distances can vary, but normally in the region of 55mph for up to 100 miles plus.

Active cornering headlights

Driving on a dark, twisty country road in the dark can be a treacherous experience even at slow speeds, navigating the bends but not knowing what exactly awaits you on the other side. Active cornering headlights are a technological innovation which has been introduced on some cars throughout the last few years, these headlights use sensors to adjust to the movements and speed of the car, angling the headlights in such a way that you can see around those dangerous bends and curves.

Parking Assists

I can’t recall the amount of times I have witnessed friends of mine making a complete mess of parking. Most modern cars can be fitted with parking assists, these assists use cameras mounted in various places on the cars to give you either a rear or side view of the space you’re backing into. No more broken side-mirrors because of poor parking, no more scratches on new bodywork. Parking assists are nothing new, the first uses of IPAS (Intelligent Parking Assist System) was in Japan on the Toyota Prius a decade ago. But the uses of these parking assists are becoming more widespread and common in modern cars.

Green Cars

We are all becoming more ecologically aware of the impact we have on the planet. The greenhouses gasses and fossil fuels are contributing to climate change and time is running out for us to change our ways. The motor industry is particularly affected by our need for cleaner energy alternatives. A lot of modern cars are now implementing Hybrid engines, which use both traditional views in addition to green alternatives. Electric powered cars are also increasing in use, the popular G-Wiz (known as REVAi elsewhere) is probably the most well-known electric powered car but there are many others in development from some of the biggest names in the industry.

The numbers of electric cars on the streets of the UK are still in low numbers, the government has launched several initiatives to help the boost of green cars in the country including several financial benefits. Owning an electric car is now not only good for the environment, but a substantial benefit for your wallet too. But even with government help, buying a new car can still be a financial nightmare.

Cars are growing more sophisticated, adapting to the rapidly expanding technological world. There are much advancement currently in development which could change our entire driving experiencing.