Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) and the Institute of innovative high-performance microelectronics (Germany) demonstrated in action is the speed of the device based on silicon from all ever created by man.

Scientists got silicon – germanium transistor (SiGe), capable of operating at a frequency of 798 GHz. It is about 200 GHz above the previous record, recorded for this class of products. Achieve even one step closer to the IT industry transition to terahertz microchips operating at over 1000 GHz.

new type of transistor

Experimental product is a bipolar transistor: the structure at the nanoscale silicon transistor embedded alloy SiGe. The product is made by technology BiCMOS, involving the use of bipolar and CMOS transistors on a single chip. Production is standards – 130 nanometers.

Frequencies at 800 GHz have been achieved in special cryogenic plant in which the temperature is maintained at around 4.3 kelvin, or about minus 269 degrees Celsius. At room temperature, was able to show the result in the 417 GHz.

According to the researchers, their achievement opens the way for the creation of transistors operating at frequencies in conventional record temperature conditions. This means that in the future will be possible to create qualitatively new systems of information processing and transmission speeds on unachievable today.

Scientists also note that even in its current form a new type of transistors may find practical application. For example, it may be space equipment, designed for use in extreme cold.