Owning a printing company lets you make products for customers. You can screen print shirts for them, make the brochures they need for their own customers and help small business owners put together presentations to land big clients. The best way to reach those customers is with a website that provides prospective customers with all the information they need to know before they call or make an appointment. Before you site goes live, make sure that it includes all the pertinent information that will make those customers want to give you a call.

Hours of Operation

Listing your hours of operation is especially important when you give customers the option of dropping by or coming in without an appointment. Customers want to know exactly where you are there because they want to know that you can answer any of the questions they have in person. If your hours change every day, list the hours you remain open each day. You’ll also want to include any breaks you take around lunch time. If you do not want customers to stop by, you can make it clear that you operate on an appointment basis only.


Products Used

Some customers have more knowledge of the industry than others, which is why you want to include information on your site about some of the products that you use. If you use Graco pumps or pumps from another manufacturer to power your printing press and other tools, make note of that on your site. This lets those with more knowledge know that you only work with the top products and may make them feel more confident in choosing you for their printing needs.

Services Available

Not all printing companies offer the same services as others. If you hate having customers call in to ask you about printing services that you do not offer, you should update your site to reflect the services you offer. Printing companies sometimes specialize in printing on clothing. You can list the products that you will work on as well as the fonts and colors available. Companies can also specialize in the printing of brochures and pamphlets, signs and other products. Though you may not want to list the prices that you charge, you can list a range of prices for some of those services. You can also describe any optional services you provide such as helping customers come up with designs.

Material Types

Your site should also include some basic information about the materials that you offer. This is especially important if you do clothing printing. Your site can tell customers the types of shirts or hats they can select and the sizes and colors that are available in each type. If you do more traditional printing, your site can list some of the different paper products you offer and the colors that they can choose from too. Many customers will already know what they want when they come in for an appointment.

The first impression that customers get of your printing company is on the website that you offer. Providing them with more information helps them know what they want before they meet with you. Your site should include the services and materials available, the products that you use and your hours of operation.