It has always been important to provide interesting content to attract users’ attention and get a sales opportunity having generated a value to this person. If it was already before, since Google made changes to its algorithm, now even more. We keep reading everywhere that “content is king. If you are able to provide relevant content that are useful or simply users who like to read. If you would like to know brief information about web design ideas you could choose web design Phoenix.

– Better search engine positioning

– Your commitment to the audience will be rewarded with more and more quality traffic

Some tips that can help you in this task are:

1.) Search Trends: Before writing you have to know what users want their searches. So you know how to approach the title, main topics…. For this you can use the Google Trends tool. In the same line you can make a brief study of the “trending topic” of twitter related to your topic.


2.) Use more video and audio: Not all users want to read all the time. We sometimes find it more convenient to display a good video or podcast with an appetizing unburden an interview for example. It is 100% recommended content in different formats to choose from.

3.) Try to make pleasant reading: using bold script, a picture, a chart highlights some headlines…. if so you have many more options for the user to access to a second article of yours.

4.) When you can relate your topic with some current event: We could call this “cross-marketing action”, here we try to users who normally do not follow us begin to do so through a joint article between now and Marketing for example.

5.) Make fieldwork for relevant data or curious to give credence to everything that you explain: The data helps generate empathy and credibility with your audience.

6.) Try to let your personality touches if it is a personal blog: This will make it easier to remember you and visit you again.

7.) Be sure to ask for opinions: You have to look to enrich your content with opinions of all kinds. Even the very negative things can take advantage.

8.) Content Update: Periodically update your content thinks that if one of your articles over time positioned well in Google and the information provided was outdated can be a great disservice to you.


-Thanks a lot for reading my article. Hope read and enjoy!