When you decide to turn a loft in the attic space must necessarily endow it with every comfort first and foremost the heating and air conditioning.

The selection of the kind of plant to be installed depends on both the economic possibilities both on the type of conformation of the building, for example, in the case of a flat two levels, in which the upper floor is sloping, it is suitable to install a type of system of heating sectioned areas, controllable via programmable thermostat or alternatively, a system with thermostatic valves applied to the individual heating bodies.

how to choose the heating system

If you decide to install in your attic with a system boiler to gas, you will need to provide, already at the design stage, the exact location of flues and vents for ventilation to ensure proper combustion of the gas in order to avoid the formation of carbon monoxide.

The decision to install an electric heater is convenient if the building is well insulated, otherwise in case of excessive heat loss, as the high cost of electricity you risk spending a lot. If you choose an electrical heating system, in addition to eliminating any heat loss, you will need to choose wisely the radiator with greater efficiency as the electric panel radiators and underfloor heating in steel.

If you decide to choose a sustainable, you should opt for an air conditioning by the uptake of solar energy through technological systems such as just the passive solar panels installed on the roof to do the attic. A good choice in the field of alternative heating systems is to produce energy via solar tiles i, i.e. elements in metal or thermoplastic material which perform the dual function of the solar panel and cover. In this type of roof tiles is incorporated a coil containing a heat transfer fluid that allows the system to absorb heat from the outside.

Of course it is worth to take a kind of system like when you have to deal with a job already total renovation of the roof.

If the attic conversion applies only to the base of the floor you agree seriously consider the idea of installing a system of underfloor heating that over time you will deliver significant energy savings.