Scream queens and kings have been rejoicing since Sundance made the announcement of their streaming service called Shudder. If you are a fan of slashers, thrillers, supernaturals, and horror flicks, get ready to sink your teeth in deep. 

Now, at the end of a long day of developing apps, putting out IT fires, and backstabbing your way up the corporate ladder in the tech sector, you can relax with an hour on the end of the goriest, bloodiest, cringe inducing films and television shows available.

Let the binge fest begin, but not before you sign up now for their free trial using a convenient Sundance coupon from Groupon Coupons to slash a little meat off the price. They offer promo codes and coupons that will help you feed your sick addiction to guts and gore for less. 

Fans of supernaturals, thrillers, and horror will love the gigantic archive of classics and new releases they can feast on for days, clicking from one rocky horror show to the next. For less than the price of admission to a first run, new release, you can have your very own channel filled with the movies you love for a month. All the action, all the drama, all the gotchas you can handle – and all at a low, low price. 

Building on the success of other streaming services, Sundance made the gutsy move to tailor their latest venture, backed by AMC to fans of this ever-popular genre, and will offer Shudder exclusives and original content.

Primal Screen, a documentary that explores why people love to watch horror films, was offered last year and is just the tip of the iceberg. It set the stage for what viewers and subscribers can expect as they amp up their original programming library.

As one of the first genres to find a cult following, horror films have long scared the bejesus out of us, and in time it was found that they played very well to a certain segment of the moving going audience. 

For more than a century, filmmakers have used the stories of Bram Stoker, Edward Allen Poe and other famous writers to craft films that have the power to keep you on the edge of your seat today. Even with the outdated special effects and primitive make up, the combination of eerie sound effects, tension, and suspense can lead to a scene that makes you jump every time you watch it. If that’s how you get your kicks with flicks, sign up today for Shudder.