If you have a small business, I am almost certain that the bustle of everyday life does not leave you much time to devote to online marketing. For that reason, today I would like to give you 3 tips especially focused on online marketing for companies or small businesses. If you would like to know brief information about online marketing ideas you could choose SEO Phoenix AZ.

  1. Online marketing is not a business model itself

In this online marketing is the fact that there are many myths and much misinformation many mixed ideas. Online marketing is not a business model, that is, simply make your internet marketing business is not going to make millions. Internet is a channel that can and should be used to reach your target customer. If you see online marketing as another tool in your arsenal, then you can make a change of mentality and apply concepts of traditional marketing for best results. Who is your target customer? Where can you find it? What do you offer that has value or solve their problems? Why are you different from your competitors? Start there before doing anything.


  1. Online marketing is not a competition to see who has more followers or fans

The online marketing and especially in social networks, it goes about building relationships, build trust and gain visibility in your market, your target customer finds out that you exist. Unfortunately, many times we get carried away by things related to the ego with the results. Do not get bogged down, it is natural that we all we set in if a page has more fans than another, or if you follow people on Twitter more than your competitors. We tend to judge based on those numbers, when you really have nothing to do with the results.

Moreover, there are many sites where you can buy fans or followers weight, the same as if you went to the market and you will buy a kilo of apples, because you buy a thousand fans on Facebook. That is useless; on the contrary, makes your message diluted meanwhile false follower and end your real fans cannot even see your posts.

Therefore, do not think much to increase these numbers; rather think that even if you have a few fans or followers, these are really quality. It is people interested in what you have to say in your products or services. As always quality matters more than quantity.

  1. Do not be addicted to online marketing goodies

Your online marketing should revolve around a marketing plan. With this marketing plan, you will be able to marketing objectives, can track and modify it according to the results you get. It is best that you design a marketing plan that is flexible, you can adapt to changes and results.

Many people rather than designing a marketing plan, what it does is go eating “treats online marketing,” as I call it. For example read in a blog or in a book a technique to Twitter to try and launch regardless of anything else. Before you do anything, ask yourself if that you approach or go away from your goals.

Build a website or blog (or request it to a specialist), get used to write constantly (can start once a week), talks about topics that interest your potential clients, things that give them value, to settle them their problems.

In this simple way, you are creating the foundation for a content marketing strategy, for in the future to make shares more elaborate online marketing. Here it is what that rewards consistency and incorporating these habits in your routine work. Then share this content on social networks and get on with your work day. Only with this, I assure you begin to position yourself in your market much better than most of your competitors.