In a world of smartphones, the search for a charge point is a never ending story of hardship and turmoil. Science has, however taken up the challenge with earnest and created a solution as elegant as it is simple, solar smartphone chargers.

Choosing a solar smartphone charger can be a difficult task though, with so many options out there to choose from. The following are 4 of the best solar chargers on the market today.

1. The Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger – $150 to $180

This solar charger, from one of the industry leaders in portable solar charger design, is one of the most rugged and effective on the market. The Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger was voted as one of the best innovations of 2011, and the company has continue to update and perfect their product.

One of the Joos charger’s main attraction is its durability. The charger is waterproof, sturdy and even manages to capture solar energy when placed in the shade. The Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger is, however the size of a small heater making it significantly larger than the average handbag and as a result not all that convenient for the on the go woman.

2. Soladec Hybrid All-in-One Portable Solar Power Charger – $80 to $100

This all-in-one option from Soladec can be used to charge a variety of different items from smartphones to cameras and MP3 players. In addition, the Soladec Hybrid solar charger also comes with an external battery pack. The pack allows you to take up to 2.5 full charges with you without needing the sun.

The solar charger is about the size of a large smartphone and is, as a result, small enough to fit in your handbag. In addition to being a solar charger, the device is also equipped with LED lights and can act as an impressive torch when needed. The Soladec Hybrid solar charger is priced very reasonable making it affordable for most as well as making it a handy tool to keep you connected to your favourite casino games at Euro Palace.

3. Solio Classic 2 Battery Pack – $80 to $100

The Solio Classic 2 is not only small and affordable, it is also one of most attractively designed solar charger options on the market. The design features a three panel fan configuration that can be folded up into a neat silver cube. Once folder the device is no bigger than that of computer mouse and at 10.1 ounces is also comparatively light.

The Solio Calssic 2 has a built-in battery pack and can fully charge an average smartphone in roughly 90 minutes. In addition, the solar charger comes with a USB input allowing the user to charge a variety of different devices for an all-in-one solar charger solution.

4. XTG SOL1500 – $20 to $30

When it comes to compact affordable solar smartphone chargers, the XTG SOL1500 has no peer. The ultra-light 3.5 ounce device is only 2.5 inches wide and 4.8 inches long making small enough for a large clutch bag. At $30 at even the most expensive retailers, the XTG is at very least $50 cheaper than anything else out there.

As performance goes, the XTG holds its own featuring a built in batter as well as a capacity indicator to track charge level, and even an LED reading light. In addition, the device also includes windscreen suction cups for charger while driving.