Developers are often self-taught. After all, why pay for a course in something that can be learned independently? Or, worse yet, perhaps courses on the language or environment of interest did not exist at the right time. Their ambitious and curious nature helps them overcome a number of barriers, however, this strategy may result in incomplete mastery of the available tools.

One way to fill in the gaps is to address blind spots as they are discovered on active projects, which may add time or roadblocks to an otherwise-smooth process. Another way is to invest in professional development courses through QuickLearn.

QuickLearn offers Visual Studio 2015 training for developers and every other production team role to help them implement an advanced and standardized approach to tool-use. This frees up budgeted project time for the creative problem solving that always seems to be required at the eleventh hour.

The classes target team members at every level of experience, from those who are new to Visual Studio 2015, to those with an advanced understanding, making it the perfect addition to any production team’s experience.