The idea of storing all necessary documents in a single place until recently was just fantasy. Employees would have their information stored on the hard drive of the computer at their desk or an external hard drive.

But what happens when that computer encounters an error, rendering all of their files unobtainable and sometimes even corrupted? Or what if the server crashes? The work would have been lost for as long as the server was down.

Well, there has been a revelation on the file storage frontline in the form of the Cloud – but what is it? And why should you be using it?

What is the Cloud?

In layman’s terms, the Cloud is a large storage device but it has no physical form. Files are dragged and dropped into the Cloud and stored online, which means they can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. They cannot be accessed by just anyone though; they are username and password protected for security reasons; making sure the files are safe and secure.

If you build a private cloud with Dell there is still the option to keep files in their place of origin. Nothing saves there without permission, so anything that a company or person may be scared of losing control of can be maintained as they want. This Dell infographic explains how the cloud works using a nifty little click and drag diagram … much like the cloud itself – what a coincidence!

Why choose the Cloud?

External hard drives are definitely a secure and viable option but they tend to break fairly easy and are an expensive piece of hardware. The Cloud is the next best alternative without having to carry that extra bit of worth on your person and it is cheap.

The option to have the Cloud available to the public or keep it private gives the opportunity to share or hide files from other people. These options, plus the hybrid cloud which allows for both private and public servers and the personal cloud (phone/tablet etc) provide plenty of choices as to how you wish to store files. The Cloud offers much more than just storage, though and you can find out more about general cloud usage here.

So, whether it is for a company or personal storage, cloud storage is a simple way to store files securely while still having a hard copy in your personal files for your own peace of mind.